ANNOUNCING: Registration for Bangkok Hat Tourney, Feb. 11-12, open, then closed

To get on the waiting list, please email the following information to

Name (first, last):
Country (residing):
Club (most recent/competitive):
Shirt size:
Experience (how long, what type of competition, knowledge…):

For the following on a scale of 1(lowest) to 5 (highest), rank your self:

Offense (throws):
Catching abillity:
Defense (strategies):
Conditioning (in shape?):

Bangkok Ultimate website.

Registration closed for Bangkok Hat, Feb. 12-13

A message from Saumil Shah and the Bangkok Hat team about the 11th annual Bangkok Hat Tournament:

Dear all, sorry if you receive this twice.

Registration for the 2011 Bangkok HAT is now closed. If you have already registered, you should receive a confirmation email later today.

If you have not registered already, we are starting a waiting list. If you would like to be added to the wait list, please send an email to:;

If you receive a confirmation email and for some reason you are NOT going to make it, please let us know as soon as possible. This is crucial because there are people on the waiting list. We understand that things do come up.

Message from Tri: Registering and not coming (without letting us know in advance of your cancellation) may land you on the “black list” for future tourneys. This “black list” is for the Vietnam Hat as well; Tri has some influence =).

The theme for this year’s tourney is “Historic Hat”. Two years ago was the future. Last year went back in time with “Old School”. We’ll go further back in time this year. Think ancient history! So, here is your chance to be a/an: Cave man, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Spartan, Knight, Viking, Samurai, Ming dynasty warrior, Aztec, Mayan, Native (American/Indian or of your local country), Dan Axon… But it can be more recent since we called it “historic”. So, if you want to be Ho Chi Minh, Hitler, Saddam…

Have a wonderful holiday season.

The Bkk Hat team

Announcing: Bangkok Hat, February 12-13, 2011

Facebook page here. China Ultimate’s roundup of 2009’s Bangkok Hat here.

The following note is from Tri of Bangkok:

Greetings ultimate folks! I’m happy to pass along the word that the Dawgz finally set the date for the 11th Bangkok Hat. It will take place on February 12/13, 2011. (It is a little later than last year because we want people to avoid the hassles of traveling during Lunar New Year time. Sorry, can’t please everyone.)

Important FYI- It will be at the same fields/facility. If you didn’t see the guns in the past, allow me to remind you that it’s an Army base. Therefore, it maybe NOT be available when political problems (ala Red Shirts) arise. So, we hope it wouldn’t be a surprise or a problem for you when the tournament hits a major wall. (We tried to look for back up fields but nothing is nearby that can hold 6 games simultaneously.) Let’s hope for the best.

Registration site is not ready yet. Look for it in a few weeks (late October). Check our website later on: And you can email the committee if you have any specific questions (or suggestions)

Meanwhile, check your work calendar and for flights. Hope to see you in February.


Tri and co.

Reminder from Bangkok Hat Tourney tourney director

Aeoy Tassamon C sent a message to the members of The 10th annual Bangkok Hat tournament : 30-31 Jan 2010.

Subject: Bangkok Hat 2010 : Online registration is now open

Hi y’all

The online registration page is now open! Do it before too late!
Just 250 spot to play!

Just click the old school board on;

Any problem of online registration you can email to;



Announcing: 10th annual Bangkok Hat Tournament (Jan. 30-31, 2010)

From tourney organizers:


One of the Best Hat Tournament on Earth is back!
This year we will set it earlier to avoid the super heat
As all the hot players from all over the world will be here

Mark your 2010 Calendar on January 30-31 !

By the 3 Musketeers TDs : Rick Stuit, Chris M Harrison and Michael Riley
we are guarantee that your Ultimate weekend will be a great blast!

Be prepare for the extream weekend in Bangkok,Thailand.

Stay tune for more information about theme and parTIES venue!

Field will be the same as past years

More info email to Rick

The tournament’s Facebook page is here, and highlights to last year’s event here.

As you can see from the pictures here, if nothing else, go for the party.

Photo albums from the Bangkok Hat Tournament

No, we do understand Bangkok’s not actually in China. But such is our commitment to all things Ultimate…

Listed alphabetically:

Eddie Adisak: 9TH Bangkok Hat Tournament, 2009

We swear, after browsing these Facebook albums, that Bangkok must have put on the greatest Ultimate party in the history of Ultimate parties. And that’s saying something. But don’t take our word for it… keep browsing.

Mary Carlson: Mary has, true to style, posted six albums devoted to this event: here (Friday: Temples Bar, Soi 11), here (Saturday morning: Ror Neung Phan Neung Field, Army Base), here (Saturday afternoon — apparently Bangkok served really delicious food on the fields), here (party), here (Sunday) and here (Sunday evening). Instead of picking a picture from each, we’d just like to show you Mary’s homemade costume for the Timewarp 3009 party:

That’s right, a forklift.

(Or is it? Hint: this next picture.)

Andy Cassidy: Bangkok Hat 2009, Sunday

Lance Dubos: Bangkok Hat 2009 (Flickr)

Emily Greenwood: Timewarp!

Caroll Moreton:
Bangkok Hat 2009

Thuy Bich Nguyen: Bangkok HAT 2009 – 21/22 Feb.

Aaron Rothblatt: Bangkok Ultimate Hat Tourney 2009

Timothy O’Rourke: Bangkok Hat 2009

Doc Tobin:
Bangkok Hat 2009

If you have any albums you’d like included in this list, please leave a comment.

Betsy Beijing’s recap of the Bangkok Hat Tournament

Photo courtesy of Betsy Beijing Lance DuBos

Editor’s note: reprinted without edits:

what you missed out on in bangkok:

you missed out on yj getting so drunk at the fields on saturday afternoon (yes, saturday) that she tried to insert herself into several couples and get a three way make out session going. all this while games were still being played. the closest she got was with kristin and grant from hong kong.

you missed out on the year 3009 costume party, the highlights of which included a drag queen musical dance number, mary carlson from shanghai dressed in the fork lift like machine ripley used to kill the alien queen at the end of aliens, and steiner dressed in a clown wig and vote for hugo chavez t-shirt, pissing roberto off so much they got into a fist fight, which was eventually ended when raven from manila slapped them both across the face.

you missed out on the best field food betsy has ever had in a tournament, ever.

you missed out on sam berry’s little brother trying his best to intentionally throw a game in the b-pool quarters, drawing the ire of the rest of his teammates who actually wanted to win.

you missed out on so much fun, you are going to have to live with the indignity of not going to the cheapest, easiest to get to, most partyin’ tournament that side of hk for another full year.

Editor’s note: Thanks, Betsy! We appreciate you.