Congratulations to Black Flag, repeat champions of Manila Spirits

They conquered the field once again, leaving no doubt that only one towers over Asia Ultimate.

Black Flag’s toughest game was its first on Sunday morning, against a young and fearless Disc Knights in the quarterfinals, but the savvy veterans prevailed and proceeded to roll Ninja Cowboy Bear in the semis before disposing of the Boracay Dragons — a team that would have won just about any other tournament in Asia (with the possible exception of Shanghai Open this summer) — in a well-played finals.

Game scores, pictures, videos are all forthcoming. For now, keep on hitting refresh on the Manila Spirits website — one only assumes the galleries will be posted soon.

And yes, as the watermark says, visit Dane Kalbo’s website.

Leftover videos from AOUCC / Manila Spirits

The incredible Link vs. Boracay finals in the Open division on Friday:

Parts 2, 3, 4 and 5. The crowd’s fully into it at the end. Also see: how Boracay got to finals.

Women’s finals, D-CUUP vs. Team Pilipinas Bebots:

Part 2

Mixed finals, Black Flag vs. Shiock:

Other videos: Team Philippines vs. Sizzle, Saturday; Mulatto Davao vs. Hong Kong Junk, Saturday.

Congratulations to Black Flag, winners of Manila Spirits 2009

Black Flag vs. competition:

vs. Cherifer, W 11-0
vs. Vudoo, W 11-3
vs. Freakshow, W 11-5
vs. Boracay Dragons, W 11-2

+34 point differential after Day 1

Quarterfinals vs. Hong Kong Junk, W 11-1
Semifinals vs. Team Philippines, W 9-8
Finals vs. Shiock 13-4

Sorta awesome, sorta hilarious video from Manilla ’08

Highlights from finals of last year’s Manilla Spirits between Black Flag and Team Philippinas.

a.k.a. the Derek Ramsey show