Announcing: Boracay Open, April 1-3

The best beach tournament in Asia returns. The Philippine Ultimate Association and Boracay Ultimate Association (no website? But the Boracay BEACH Ultimate Association is here) jointly announced the date of their two-part tournament. The open tourney is a one-day affair on April 1, and the mixed tourney is April 2-3. More details forthcoming, we suspect.

Check out The Huddle’s interview with Karen Cabrera from an undisclosed date.


Coverage of ACBU and Manila Spirits

From There’re great scenes of the Saturday night party; scenes from the finals at 41:23 mark.

This weekend: Boracay beach tournament

The title says it all.

And just one week away: Manila! The Beijing Ultimate blog has more about that.

A picture of beauty – Boracay

For fear of rousing deep envy followed by hatred, this is all we’ll show from the recently concluded Boracay Beach Tournament, won by the world-famous Boracay Dragons (they beat the Ben Wiggins-led American team 15-7 in a sun-baked finals on possibly the most beautiful beach in the world, preserving their perfect home record):

Pictures courtesy of Beijing Ultimate’s Jeff Orcutt.

POSTSCRIPT: Here’s an article about the Boracay Dragons — “The Soul of Phillippine Ultimate” — in Ben Wiggins’s Ultimate site, In the Huddle. And here’s a short tourney preview from the site Beach Ultimate Lovers Assocation.