Announcing: Boracay Open, April 1-3

The best beach tournament in Asia returns. The Philippine Ultimate Association and Boracay Ultimate Association (no website? But the Boracay BEACH Ultimate Association is here) jointly announced the date of their two-part tournament. The open tourney is a one-day affair on April 1, and the mixed tourney is April 2-3. More details forthcoming, we suspect.

Check out The Huddle’s interview with Karen Cabrera from an undisclosed date.


Congratulations to Black Flag, repeat champions of Manila Spirits

They conquered the field once again, leaving no doubt that only one towers over Asia Ultimate.

Black Flag’s toughest game was its first on Sunday morning, against a young and fearless Disc Knights in the quarterfinals, but the savvy veterans prevailed and proceeded to roll Ninja Cowboy Bear in the semis before disposing of the Boracay Dragons — a team that would have won just about any other tournament in Asia (with the possible exception of Shanghai Open this summer) — in a well-played finals.

Game scores, pictures, videos are all forthcoming. For now, keep on hitting refresh on the Manila Spirits website — one only assumes the galleries will be posted soon.

And yes, as the watermark says, visit Dane Kalbo’s website.

Leftover videos from AOUCC / Manila Spirits

The incredible Link vs. Boracay finals in the Open division on Friday:

Parts 2, 3, 4 and 5. The crowd’s fully into it at the end. Also see: how Boracay got to finals.

Women’s finals, D-CUUP vs. Team Pilipinas Bebots:

Part 2

Mixed finals, Black Flag vs. Shiock:

Other videos: Team Philippines vs. Sizzle, Saturday; Mulatto Davao vs. Hong Kong Junk, Saturday.

The controversial finish to the No. 4 vs. No. 5 game on Sunday

Before we begin posting pictures from Facebook albums (and there are lots), we’d like to share this video of the final point in the Boracay-Ninja Cowboy Bear quarterfinals on Sunday morning. We’ll leave our comments to ourselves, but see for yourself what the controversy was all about.

Friday Open division: Boracay vs. Flippers, semifinals, Universe Point

Panoy with the sick D. Video speaks for itself.

Boracay would go on to face another Japanese team, Link, in the finals.

Congratulations to Link and Pilipinas Bebots, AOUCC winners

Friday was qualifying for the Open’s and women’s divisions at WFDF Worlds 2010 in Prague. On the ladies side, Pilipinas Bebots, the home team, defeated China’s D-CUUP (China United Ultimate Party) 9-7 (video from their round-robin matchup here). This was followed by a scintillating finals between Link, from Japan, and the Boracay Dragons, the world-famous beach Ultimate team that can more than hold its own on grass.

Link, with nine active players, jumped out to a 10-5 lead before the one-point hard cap went on. The Japanese players then took turns cramping up in the stifling heat and removing themselves from the field while Boracay came storming back. It was 10-9 when Link scored, but by that time the tourney organizers had announced the game would go to 13. The Dragons, who in the semis erased a seemingly insurmountable deficit to beat the Flippers on Universe Point, built on the crowd’s energy, while Link faded before everyone’s eyes. The Japanese squad made it 12-10 before the Dragons took the next three.

While the Japanese players collapsed on the field from exhaustion and disappointment, several of them in tears, the tourney organizers made an announcement that because the game was capped at 11, and because Link got there first, Link was actually the winner. The last five points or so were just for show.

It took a few minutes before this fact settled in with the players, but when it did, the response it generated was so mixed that in the end all anyone can say was there really wasn’t a loser. Spectators poured onto the field to congratulate players from both sides, and when the day was done we were exhilarated by both what we had just seen and the prospect of a two-day tourney that would begin the next morning.

UPDATE: Videos here.