Congratulations to CUUP and Hong Kong, winners of the Open and Women’s Division of Manila Spirits 2010

Congratulations to China United Ultimate Party, winners of the Friday Open division at Manila Spirits. CUUP defeated Jason Lopez’s mostly Singaporean team in a very entertaining finals, 15-11.

Congratulations also go out to the women of China, who played under the banner of Hong Kong Junk and held off a feisty Singapore squad in the finals. Junk saw a big lead disappear before buckling down for the win.

In the semis, Junk was down 7-4 to the Pilipinas women before scoring five straight. At 9-8, Beijing’s Alicia got a layout D on the goal line to set up the winning goal.

Disclaimer: Scores need double-checking… edits will be appended as necessary.

Much, much more to come soon…


Shout-out to China United Ultimate Party

After Friday’s games, CUUP and D-CUUP unite.

D-CUUP jersey design

The men have C.U.U.P., i.e. China United Ultimate Party, with jersey designs and all.

It is only fitting that China's women's team at Manila should go as D-CUUP, and with awesome jerseys to boot.

Witness: Danica May's jersey designs, a sample of which is above.

No final decision has been made on which design will be used, so voice your opinion here if you have one.

The acronym on the shorts, I've been told, is "Damn Cute Underwear Underneath Pants."

Manila update

We’re about three weeks away, give or take, from selecting the open and women’s team for the 2010 Worlds qualifying tournament on Friday, November 6. This is the day before Manila Spirits, consistently one of the best tournaments in Asia.

Neither the open nor the women’s roster has been set, but you’ll want to email one of the organizers soon if you’re interested in playing.

Women, contact Rob Adams,

Guys have to fill out this brief questionnaire and send it to myself or the contact listed at the bottom:

Do you want to represent China on the World Ultimate stage?

Do you want to party with teammates from across China?

If so, prepare to travel to Manila for the WFDF Asian Ultimate Championships on November 6-8, 2009

The C.U.U.P (China United Ultimate Party) will be playing in the OPEN division and is looking for players to join our team. All OPEN games are on Friday Nov.6. You can play with another team in MIXED (CO-ED) division because all their games are Nov.7&8.

Learn more about the tournament here. Interested? Contact Nads @ Team will be announced by Sep. 30th.

Singapore Open in the online news world

From Red Sports:

Japan-Taiwan Ultimate team Mo’chi came from behind to beat Philipinas from Philippines 12-11 on the final day of the 11th Singapore Ultimate Open 2009 to emerge champions.

CUUP (China) beat Vudoo (IndonesiaVietnam) 12-8 to become Pool B Champions while it was an all Singaporean final in Pool C, where Lagi Shiok beat SMU 12-7 to claim the position of Pool C Champions.

Ultimate players from countries such as Thailand and India came together for this 2-day event, each bringing their passion for the sport.

“Ultimate is good spirit and fun, but at the same time challenging…A lifetime of fun!” exclaimed India’s captain Mark Scott, 33. Alec Hutson, 29 from China United Ultimate Party, also known as CUUP, shared, “Ultimate is based on fairplay, fun and love for your opponents…One of the best things in my life.”

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