Congratulations to the organizers of Guangzhou Jumble

The one-of-a-kind Guangzhou “Jumble” tournament, a one-day affair yesterday, ended with the *combined* team called Guangzhou Victory taking home the championship. In the encroaching darkness, a Victory picture:

Don’t mind the dot; picture by Lizzie Fulton

More details later — once we find out exactly what a jumble tournament is.

Congrats to Lizzie Fulton and Kelsey Clark for running a successful tournament.

UPDATE: Much clearer pictures from Alicia of Beijing:

Congratulations to the finals MVPs, Wilkie Chu from Hong Kong and Eileen “Peach” Regan from Changsha.

UPDATE 2: Tournament director Lizzie weighs in, and offers more pictures:

It’s the 3rd year Guangzhou has done it (so the idea was formulated before my time…).The idea is that everyone is in a small team, about 5-6 people. For each game they’re combined with a different small team to face another combined team. So essentially you never play with the same group of people twice. We had 4 games like that until semi-finals. It’s crazy, jumbly, social, and a lot of fun.

Credit also goes to Guangzhou’s Kwong for figuring out the point system.


Guangzhou Hat Tournament update – registration form

Copied and pasted from TD’s email… [sic] is assumed.
Hello Fellow Ultimate players!
Guangzhou is holding it’s annual Jumble Jumble Ultimate Hat Tournament!
广州正要举行一年一度的Jumble Jumble飞盘大赛!
Don’t worry if you are new to the sport or very experienced, just come play.
Date:  Saturday, December 11th
Time:  To be Announced ***
Venue:  Guangzhou, field To Be Announced ***
Cost:   150 RMB (includes lunch, T-shirt, water, field rental)
Students: 100 RMB
日期:  12月11日星期六
场地:广州(关于场地,请大家等待颁布) ***
费用:150 元人民币(包含午餐、场地租金, T恤和水)
学生100 元人民币
*** We are still working on pinning down the location and time. The Asian Games have made things a little more complicated than usual. We’ll let you know the exact time and location as soon as we have it. It will begin in the morning (around 9:00) and end in the late afternoon.
To register, please email by Monday, November 29th with the following information:
Cell phone #:
Skill Level:
Are you …
–  a beginner
– well-trained and know the rules (1+ years playing)
– advanced
Fitness Level:
–  can play in tournaments
–  can play one full game
–  can survive pickup
T-shirt size:
T恤 尺码:
And for those of you who are staying in Guangzhou Saturday night, there will be a PARTY! Details to come….
Lizzie & Kelsey

Announcing: Guangzhou Jumble Jumble Hat Tournament

From tournament directors:
Save the date!
The annual Guangzhou Jumble Jumble Hat Tournament will be held on Saturday, December 11th. It will be a one-day tournament (with a party afterward if you want to spend the night!). The registration fee will be somewhere between 100 and 150 RMB. More information will be coming your way soon, but be sure to save the date.
Your Jumble Jumble Tournament Directors,
Kelsey and Lizzie
P.S. If you have questions, you can reach us at