Kunming Hat Tourney recap

Try as it might, the wind failed to ruin a good time this past weekend as 60 or so players from around China converged on the city of eternal spring for the second annual Kunming Hat Tourney. Teams were shuffled not once, not twice, but three times (or more), with the final “champion” being the winner of a dark vs. light exhibition game, which was played to five. (Like many games over the weekend, that one went to Universe Point, with dark prevailing).

The game results, however — as you can judge by the following party picture — were not what was most important.

Silly Beijingers

Facebook albums here and here.

At Hump Hostel, and Optimus Prime says, Go South, young lads and lassies.

Kunming hat tourney registration website is now active

For all your Kunming Ultimate needs.

Announcing: Kunming Hat Tourney date: March 6-7, 2010

Hey frisbee fanatics,

Just letting everyone know that March 6-7th are the dates for the 2010 Kunming Hat Tournament. Plan ahead and make some time in your schedules to attend!
Coming soon… a cool website with more information about it.

Kunming tourney update

From Barbara Simeles:

Some of you have probably wondered, what happened to all that steam about KM Hat? Is it still gonna happen? Don’t worry! Kunming is ready to host another awesome tournament in the spring. Right now the vote is leaning towards March 6-7th but we haven’t quite locked down on a date yet. The deadline for the survey is going to be November 4, 2009. Get your votes in now!

By the way, your vote will have more impact if you fill out the survey completely (especially those parts about where you’re coming from and how many people you think will come).

Also, we estimate tourney fees will be 250元, like last year. We’re really trying to get some sponsorship so that we can give discounts to Chinese students.


P.S. For those who are looking for reasons to come here:

1. Sunny, dry, (mostly) unpolluted Kunming
2. Tubs of sliced pineapples IN THE WINTER (here’s to you, Northern and Eastern China)
3. Party in the same building you’re sleeping in, tops of 2 mins walk to bed when the party’s over
4. Hat tournaments are fun!
5. Yunnan is beautiful to travel around (Tiger Leaping Gorge, Meili Snow Mountains, etc.)

A question from Kunming Hat Tourney organizers

From Barbara (simelebp@gmail.com) in Kunming:

Hey guys!

We got a sweet crowd of returning and new players here in Kunming and are thinking about organizing the second annual KM hat tournament. Since none of us have tournament organizing experience, we wanted to get an early start. So a few questions:

1. Would you be interested in coming to a Kunming Hat Tournament?
2. When would be a good time to hold said tournament? We don’t have to
do it at the same time as last year. [Last year it was Feb. 7]
3. Any suggestions on how to organize a tournament?

Please fill out the survey here.

As a participant in the first annual Kunming Hat Tourney, we’ll throw in our endorsement. If you haven’t been to Yunnan, take this opportunity to go.

China Ultimate’s coverage of last year’s tourney: here.

More pictures (and a video) from Kunming

Will memories of this tourney never die? (Found these on my computer today and figured I’d share. Why not, right?)

Sara Udall, sweet forehand

Joe and Kevin, representing Beijing

Jono, Gareth and Sandy

Phil, Joe, Alec and I at Golden Horse Square in front of Hump Hostel.

Ningbo, your turn.

Photo albums from the Kunming Hat Tourney

Listed alphabetically by last name; most of these albums require Facebook registration/login.

Mary Carlson: Inaugural Kunming Hat

Inaugural Kunming Hat Part Two

Inaugural Kunming Hat Part Three

Julie Cvetkova: Kunming Hat Tournament (Part 1)

After the Game

Roldy Luo
: Kunming Ultimate Frisbee Hat Tournament Part One

Kunming Ultimate Frisbee Hat Tournament Part Two

Katherine Kingman Ng: Kunming Hat Tournament

Kevin Reitz: Kunming Hat Tourney

Mike Shyu (12 albums in all, with an assist from Helen; Mike also has eight videos up, which means he should get some kind of award):

Kunming Hat Tourney Day 1 Part 1/6; etc.

Kunming Hat Tourney Day 2 Part 1/6; etc.

Anthony Tao: Beijing Ultimate

Ivan Xu
: Kunming Hat Tournament

Tina Yen
: kunming hat pt. 1

kunming hat pt. 2

Please leave a link to your Kunming Hat Tourney album if you have any.