Announcing: Ningbo Hat Tournament

In the rosy afterglow of Kunming’s recent hat tourney, Ningbo is announcing one of its own: March 27-28 (that’s Friday-Saturday) at the University of Nottingham in Ningbo, China.

For 200 RMB (or less, says the tourney invite), you get:

  • Free food and water on the fields, free dinners, tons of free beer
  • Two free drinks at two parties
  • A tourney disc, jersey and bottle

Again, all that is for 200 RMB, or less than 29 USD. The disc itself is probably worth a third of that.

To register, email with the following filled out (the form will look familiar to anyone who attended Kunming). For more information, email

-Jersey size (Chinese sizes)
-Accommodation preference and length of stay
-A rank of yourself in each of the following categories: experience, defense, speed, throwing and receiving. See the chart below (borrowed from the kind people of Bangkok Hat)

1- 0-6 months
2- 6 months or more, pickup only
3- More than 6 months, league experience
4- More than 2 years, mid-level club player
5- High-level club experience

1- No strategy
2- Understands a force
3- Understands a force and can play zone
4- All the above and known as a good defender
1- I can barely run
2- I can only keep up with a few opponents tops on any given line
3- I can hold my own against most
4- I got wheels

1- Can barely throw a flick, if at all
2- Can throw flicks and backhands short-range, no breaks
3- Can make longer throws and sometimes break
4- I got hucks and breaks all day

1- I have butterfingers
2- Can catch pretty well but has trouble with reading
3- Can catch under pressure and read pretty well
4- Just put it

Now the Chinese version:


参赛的费用 200块。这包括:比赛场地提供的食物(包括水果、面包、花生酱等)、周六晚上的晚饭、和party的酒水(将每人发酒水券)、比赛场地上提供的啤酒、一个比赛纪念飞盘和比赛服。

欢迎晚会注册派对: 宁波诺丁汉大学
周六晚派对: 我们会在你们到来的时候告知

如果你要注册,请发如下内容到 邮箱地址

还有你所属的下面所有项目的级别:经验、防守、速度、扔盘和接盘。 请参看下面的供选答案。

1 0-6个月
2 6个月或者更多,无正式比赛经历
3 多于6个月,并有正式比赛经历
4 多于2年,俱乐部飞盘队员水平
5 高水平飞盘运动员

1 没有战术
2 明白‘force’
3 明白‘force’并明白区域防守
4 明白上面所有并以防守好闻名

1 我不快
2 我还行
3 我比较快
4 我非常快

1 刚会正手扔盘
2 会扔短距离的正手和反手,不会‘break’
3 会扔远距离的盘,有时会‘break’
4 扔盘大师

1 接盘不好
2 接盘不错,但是读盘有问题
3 能在压力下接盘,能很好读盘
4 我什么都可以接住





From the organizers of the Ningbo Hat Tournament

Dear all,

Here is a exciting news about Ningbo hosting a tournament on 27th March. We are very honored to invite you to our tournament. Like other tournament, loads of beer and booze, nice field, and most importantly, frisbee! We are sure to show you a well-prepared tournament and try our best to largely offset your transportation, accommodation and tourney fees. All are sincerely welcome and all we need is your participantion. Finally, I am very grateful of your all along contributions to China’s ultimate. Hope to see you in Ningbo!

More information will be provided in the attachment. If you have other players interesting on this tournament, pls let me know, thank you.


Xue Zhixing (Sei)
Year 4,
International Business & Management
University of Nottingham Ningbo, China