Qingdao Beach Hat Cancelled! 公开赛取消通知!

Sad news from Ed, Qingdao Beach Hat Tourney tournament director:


I’m very sorry to announce that the decision has been made to postpone the proposed Qingdao Beach Hat. Several unforeseen circumstances have recently gone against the tournament which has meant it s no longer financially or practically viable.
The beach management company changed their decision to let us use the beach for free, and their rental demands are far too high and cannot be realistically met. This coupled with the fact that in October there is tournament congestion with HK and Boracy on the weekends following the proposed date for Beach Hat, meant fewer people than expected seemed willing to participate in the tournament.
There has also been some smaller issues such as the hostel on the beach closing down unexpectedly last week, this was due to house all players and host the party. Also what was thought to be temporary swimming pool was put up over one of the proposed field areas, we’ve been told this is now a permanent fixture meaning one of the proposed fields would be greatly reduced in size.
A lot has been learnt in trying to prepare this tournament and hopefully when a new date is set the tournament will be better for it.Thank you to all those who expressed interest, enthusiasm and advice for the tourney.
Please let your respective players and teams be aware of this news.


Qingdao Beach Tournament update (Oct. 17-18)

UPDATE, 9/21: tourney postponed.

From tourney organizers:

Introducing The Inaugural Qingdao Beach Hat

Qingdao famous for its temperate coastal climate, wealth of European architecture, superb city centre beaches, nearby LaoShan mountain range: China’s highest coastal mountains and the source of water for our world famous beer. With all of these things going for the city it was only a matter of time till China’s first ever Beach Tourney arrived on our fair shores! Following official support from the city government and Qingdao Tourism office, FUNQ (Qingdao’s Ultimate Frisbee team) is proud to announce that the inaugural Qingdao Beach Tournament will be held over the 17-18th of October on Number 1 Beach. Number 1 Beach is Qingdao’s largest city centre beach. The beach is directly in front of the tournament hotel and party venue, so players can enjoy a little more of a lie in after partying hard Saturday night. So expect 2 days of Beach Ultimate action, copious amounts of beer fresh from the Tsingtao Beer Factory and one crazy party Saturday night. If you’ve noticed FUNQ at tournaments around China you will have hopefully seen how the team has and ingrained fun and fair play philosophy, whilst also enjoying a good party, this attitude will be very evident in our tournament.

In short our tournament should be the most fun, affordable and convenient China has ever seen and it’s ON THE BEACH!

Number 1 Beach:

The building directly behind the beach with the large rectangular glass frontage is the Beach House.

The inaugural tournament will be a Hat Tournament. Chinese and foreign players from all over China and hopefully also some others from around Asia will be placed in mixed ability teams. The focus will be on spirit, cooperation and getting to know new friends. Ultimately having a lot of fun whilst enjoying the competition.

Beach Ultimate is slightly different to regular Ultimate. A game is competed 5 on 5 with the ratio being 3:2 or 4:1. The pitches are also slightly smaller having a total length of 75 metres (2x15m endzones/45m playing area) and a width of 25 metres.

The main accommodation will be in ‘The Beach House’, a newly refurbished beach front hotel over looking Number 1 Beach. There are several room rate options to suit every budget: Cheapest room rates are 30 RMB per person-8 bed dorm room, 35 RMB per person-6 bed dorm room (both have a private bathroom, and there are additional bathroom facilities on every floor). Twin Bed room 140 RMB (extra beds are available if you wish to lower the cost further on this option again the room has a private bathroom). For those looking for more luxury other more expensive options will be available, they will also be as conveniently located to the action.

Arriving and Departing by Air: The airport is a 40 minute taxi ride from the city (55 RMB) or an Airport bus is available which takes 1 hour (20 RMB). The bus stops at Zhanqiao Pier featured on the Tsingtao Beer label, so you should recognize it when you arrive. From there it’s a 5 minute taxi ride to the accommodation or a 10 minute bus.

Arriving and Departing by Rail: The railway station is conveniently located in the Old Town just behind Zhanqiao Pier, so again its only a 5 minute taxi ride 10 minute bus to the accommodation. There is a direct bullet train from Beijing going through Tianjin, which takes 5 hours 45 mins from Beijing.

There are also several Long-Distance Bus stations located in the city.

Services on the beach:
Plenty of food, water, beer and beer by the bag (a Qingdao speciality) will be available on the beach. Should you be too lazy to cross the beach to your room there are additional showering and changing facilities on the beach. Medical assistance will also be readily available.

Just to give everyone a very early heads up, the party theme will be SeaLife (quite literally life in the sea and on it) so let your imagination go wild, we expect to see lots of Pirates, Sea creatures, Sailors, etc., think you get the idea! For the party we also plan to take over the bar and rooftop of the Beach House which overlooks Beach Number 1, where most of you will be housed. There will also be an after-party at a club on Qingdao’s bar street.

Registration Fee:
We are keeping the tourney as affordable as possible so the fee is going to be between 100 RMB for Chinese students and between 200 RMB for foreigners/working Chinese. Obviously this fee will cover the costs of your meals over the weekend and vast quantities of beer. Once sponsorship is secured for the tournament we may be able to offer some travel grants etc to help those really in need of the extra help.

REGISTRATION begins now and the sooner we get ideas on numbers the better. We look forward to hearing from you.

Please reply to qingdaobeachhat@gmail.com

青岛以其温和的海洋性气候,众多的欧式建筑, 临近城市中心的迷人沙滩以及附近的崂山,这座中国最高的临海山和以其源头的泉水制成的享誉世界的啤酒而著称.这座城市集众多优势于一身,中国首届沙滩公开赛来到这片沙滩上只是一个时间问题! 在青岛市政府和青岛旅游局的大力支持下, FUNQ (青岛极限飞盘队)骄傲的宣布青岛沙滩公开赛将于 十月17日至18日期间在第一海水浴场举行.一浴是青岛位于市中心的最大的海水浴场. 沙滩正位于公开赛指定旅馆和派对地点的前方, 这样大家便可以在周六晚上卖力狂欢之余在床上多懒一会.就让我们期待着这两日的沙滩极限飞盘赛, 从青岛啤酒厂源源不断运来的新鲜的啤酒以及周六的狂欢之夜吧! 如果你在中国各地的公开赛上注意过我们 FUNQ ,希望你会注意到这支团队是如何本着公平竞争的理念比赛并且如何在竞赛中取得乐趣,同时也在派对上尽情娱乐。这种态度也会在此次的公开赛中继续体现出来.

总之我们的公开赛将会是你所见过的中国最有趣的,价格容易接受且方便的公开赛, 而且这次是在沙滩上!



首次公开赛为 Hat Tournament. 来自全中国的中国和外国玩家,希望还会有来自亚洲其它地方的玩家会被分配成能力混合小组. 比赛的重点在于合作精神和认识新的朋友. 最终在竞争的同时享受乐趣.
沙滩飞盘与通常的飞盘稍有不同. 一场比赛为5对5,队伍中男女比例可以为3:2或者4:1. 赛场也稍小一些,其总长度为 75米 (2x15m 得分区/45m 竞赛区), 宽25米.

主要住宿地点为 ‘The Beach House大海驿客栈’, 一个重新装修过的海滨饭店,可以看到第一海水浴场。这儿有几个不同的房间报价以满足不同的住宿需求: 最便宜的房间为 30 元/人,8人间;还有35 元/人-6人间(两种房间均有独立卫生间, 每层有公共浴室). 标准间140 元 (如果你在这个价位上想节省开支,可根据需求加床,房间有独立卫生间). 对于那些想住得更豪华一些的,还有更高价位的选择, 酒店位置也同样方便,靠近比赛场地.

乘坐飞机往返: 如乘坐出租车,机场到城市的距离为大约40分钟的车程(55 元) 或者可以乘坐机场巴士,大约1小时车程(20 元). 公交车站位于栈桥。栈桥是青岛啤酒商标上的一个特色标志。因而当你到的时候你应当能够认出它来. 从那儿打车只需5分钟,乘坐公交车只需10分钟即可到达旅馆.

乘坐火车往返: 火车站位于老城区,正好座落于栈桥的后面,非常方便.所以还是同样的,打出租车只需5分钟,乘坐公交车只需10分钟即可到达旅馆. 有一趟从北京来的直达动车,途径天津, 从北京到达青岛只需5小时45分钟.


在沙滩上,我们将供应大家足够的食物,水和袋装扎啤(青岛特色). 如果你太懒,不想穿过沙滩回到你的房间,你也可以使用沙滩上的公共淋浴和更衣设施.医疗援助也会届时准备就绪.

给每个人一个提示, 派对主题将为海洋生活 (正如字面意思, 生活在大海中和大海上) 那就尽情的展开你的想象力吧! 我们期待会看到许多的海盗,海洋生物, 航海家..等等等等,.你是不是一定有了主意?! 派对计划在大多数人入住的The Beach House(大海驿客栈) 的一楼酒吧和和其屋顶平台上举行,在平台上可以俯瞰第一海水浴场. 派对后会转而去往青岛酒吧一条街。

我们将参赛的费用控制到最低,因此费用大约为:中国学生100 元 , 外国人和就业的中国人为200 元。当然费用将包含你周末的餐费和足量的啤酒. 一旦公开赛得到赞助,我们将有可能会提供一些旅费资助以帮助那些真正需要额外资助的朋友前来参赛。



Announcing: Qingdao beach tournament! Oct. 17-18


FUNQ (Qingdao Ultimate) has finally received official support from the local city government to host China’s first ever Beach Hat 17-18 October! Please note the change to the proposed date which was 5-6th Sept, this had to be changed till after the bathing season had officially ended, hence the October date!
What we have to offer is an amazing city centre beach location, coupled with crazy cheap Tsingtao beer direct from the factory a mere mile away!
Hope to see you in October?!

Ed 爱德华