Congratulations to Beijing Big Brother, double winners of Dalian Open

Big Brother, winners of Dalian Open 2010

Big Brother sent split squads to the Dalian over the weekend for the second annual Dalian Open, with Beijing “Ugly” beating “Sexy” twice — including 13-9 in the finals — to claim the trophy. Representatives from Shanghai were gracious enough to make the trip, as Huwa’s presence always adds legitimacy to Chinese-run tournaments and will help Dalian’s organizers as they try to expand their tourney into an international one in years to come.

The Ultimate Association of China (UAC) sponsored a clinic led by Beijing’s Gareth Marshall, Sandy Wang, Mike Shyu and Joe Pellicano. The following group shot was taken after the clinic:

The party was held at the same venue as last year and just as raucous. (If you need a reminder, these three things happened last year.) Pictures from Saturday night will emerge eventually.

Notable Sunday game results:

Ugly vs. Shanghai, W 11-3
Sexy vs. Dalian X, W 13-1

Sexy vs. Shanghai, W 13-4
Ugly vs. Dalian A, W 13-3(?)

FINALS: Ugly def. Sexy 13-9

More pictures (Facebook album coming later [update, 9/27: here]):

Shanghai's Alec Hutson

Tommy Lee, who played for Huwa most of the weekend but played with Beijing Sexy in the finals, won male MVP, and Big Brother’s Alicia Lui won female MVP (her second female MVP win this season; the first was in Shenzhen).

Dalian as a city is, as always, a great place to take a break from industrial-commercial city life. Big Brother made it for the beach tournament earlier this year and will continue supporting its cousin city to the north and hope other China Ultimate communities will as well in the future.

UPDATE, 9/25: Bonus pictures from Beijing’s Liz Lin:

Big Brother Sexy

Big Brother Ugly


Congratulations to Korea KUNT, winners of Shanghai Open 2010

Rumors had circulated for months that something was brewing on the Korean peninsula, but few could have expected KUNT (Korea Ultimate National Team) to arrive on the mainland and destroy all-comers like they did over the weekend. Employing a U.S.-style offense and an aggressive D, Korea beat Southwest China in Sunday quarters, 11-7, then Beijing Big Brother in semis, 13-4, and finally Philippines Sunken Pleasure, 15-9, to win the 8th annual Shanghai Open tournament.

Korea’s Gina, possibly the best female player at the tournament, was selected onto the Mythical Seven all-star team, while “yellow-cap guy,” i.e. Adam, won male MVP. Solid performances from Dave and Clay also paced the squad, which will be continue being a force to reckon with in Asia Ultimate.

Sunken Pleasure made finals by beating Shanghai Huwa 11-9 in a well-played semifinals.

Quarterfinal teams were Hong Kong Junk, Shiock (which took one-seed Huwa to Universe Point), Tianjin Speed (broke seed… big time) and Southwest China.

Congratulations also go out to tournament organizers Glenn, Alec, Nads, Robin and everyone else who helped out. Great job once again.

Congratulations to Big Brother, winners of Tianjin Open 2010

Tianjin Open 2010

Big Brother finally made it over the hump. After years of near-wins and bad losses — too many to list here — Beijing’s top club team overcame a slow start at the Tianjin tournament this past weekend and eked out two-point wins in both the semis and finals to earn the “Novo Nordisk” Cup.

Full disclosure: I played on Big Brother.

In the semifinals, Shanghai Huwa scored the first point on a trademark huck from Alec to Nads and added an early break to make it 3-1. Beijing scored four of the next five, including a quick Zone O score coming out of halftime to make it 7-4. Shanghai, as Shanghai does, earned two of those points back before a pivotal huck from Tao to Shan — a diving O-I flick with Alec in hot pursuit, set up by a forehand break from Kevin — would give Big Brother some breathing room. The teams traded points the rest of the way, from 8-7 to 11-9. On the final point, Kevin contested a Judd stall count, then dumped to Tao, who found Pat Li hanging out in the end zone on the force side.

The finals was a rematch of a Saturday group game in which Tianjin Speed shocked everyone with an 11-9 upset of Big Brother. From the onset, Speed, which beat Beijing Bang 11-3 in the semis, came with their attacking, blitzkrieg offense for a quick and easy score. The crowd went wild. Big Brother fought back and tied the game but soon found themselves huffing for air against the younger, more athletic Speed. The hosts soon made it 5-3 after a nasty collision that left one of Big Brother’s better defenders, Caleb Heine, bleeding from his right ear and incapacitated for the rest of the game (“I know now what the saying ‘getting the snot knocked out of you means,'” he would say afterwards).

Somehow, this would key Big Brother’s rally. The team scored three straight, anchored by a zone D. On one point, Alicia Lui, playing strong wing, stepped in front of a guy and caught a D before quickly throwing the score to Shan Wu. Tianjin surged back for two straight to take half 7-6.

Big Brother received to open the second half and scored to tie it at 7. Speed would go up 8-7, scoring after the game got testy near the end zone with two near-Ds that were nulled by contested calls. Then Tao kicked into gear, with a catch-score of a huck from Kevin to tie the game, then another catch off a transition D — again from a Kevin huck, this time backhand — to make it 9-8.

Soft cap would go on, making it a game to 11. Speed drove the length of the field with their patented offense before putting up a swilly, hospital pass on which one of their women called a foul. When the disc went back, the thrower called a timeout, a violation and, according to the rules, a turnover because cap had been called.

Off this opportunity, Kevin threw a backhand break to Tao, who broke the mark with a high-release that Sandy brought down to make it 10-8.

Speed quickly came back and broke Beijing’s zone, scoring on the weak side to make it 10-9. “They’re here to win it,” someone remarked. But so was Beijing. After a few turnovers from both sides — Big Brother’s Shan got a monster D of a hammer in the end zone, with a guy bearing down on her — Kevin forehand-hucked to Tao for the game-winning point.

The tournament awarded Sandy Wang the team MVP, though this could have gone to any of Big Brother’s females. Below, pictures of the other team MVPs, presented by tournament director Edward Wang:

It should also be noted that Big Brother, thanks in large to co-captain Gareth Marshall (who re-aggravated a hamstring injury on the first point on the first day and did not play the rest of the weekend), Baby Girl and Matt Mueller.

More pictures and a video to come.

Congratulations to Shanghai Huwa, winners of Hong Kong 2009

Behind the play of Filipino pickups Christian and Donald and the rock-solid leadership of Alec, Nads and Milan, Shanghai Huwa beat Ringers of Fire in the finals of the Hong Kong tournament to win its fourth tournament of the year (after Tianjin, Shanghai and Dalian). According to the grapevine, Huwa and Ringers traded points more or less all the way to Universe, scored by Shanghai — probably Donald, who was unstoppable.

More details to come later.

Shanghai Hat Tourney over national holiday (Oct. 4)

From Shanghai Ultimate’s blog:

Looking for something to do this October holiday and want to avoid the crowds? Come down for the first annual SUPA National Day Hat Tournament.

The details:

October 4, 2009
SRFC Fields

Yup, just RMB50 for a full day of playing. Food (BBQ) and drinks (beers and more) available on the field at steep discounts.

If you’re coming from out of town, we’ll do our best to find you housing for the weekend, or, worst case, help you find a cheap hostel and someone to ride to the fields with.

Players of all levels welcome!

Get a hold of Geoff at to sign up.

Congratulations to Shanghai Huwa, winners of the Dalian tournament

Beijing Big Brother finished second. More details in the coming days.

Shanghai tournament recap

Congratulations to Shanghai Huwa, which went undefeated (7-0) in its home tournament over the weekend, beating Singapore Freakshow in the finals. This is the third straight year Huwa has won the Shanghai Open, which is an impressive streak in any sport but more so in Asia Ultimate considering the consistency of player turnover.

This year’s tournament, Emperor’s Reign, was dedicated to Andrew Kleimeyer, a long-time China resident and former Shanghai Open tournament director who recently passed away. A 50-50 raffle was held in his name with half the proceeds going to the Barrett Cancer Center of University Hospital. Alec Hutson delivered a heartfelt tribute on Sunday during the awards ceremony. We’ll try to get a video up later this week.

The tournament wasn’t without its snags, most notably an 11th hour switcheroo of seeding (going by both the written tourney rules and a Saturday announcement, Freakshow, 4-0, was supposed to be the one-seed and Huwa the two, but organizers decided on Sunday morning to bump up Huwa under the justification that Huwa’s pool was more difficult). But in the grand scheme of things, most complaints were limited to the weather — it was muggy and hot, as always — and there was only so much Alec, Mary Carlson and Glenn could do about that. Commendations to tourney organizers.

The Mythical Seven had representatives from Beijing (Tory Hislop), Shanghai (Gareth Marshall and Tina Yen), Tianjin (Matt Wang, 王敏), Singapore Shiock (Sweeney), Southwest All-Stars (Adrian Reif) and Philippines (Fiaka). Beijing won the party award for going to the Saturday party as Doozers, from Jim Henson’s classic Muppets show Fraggle Rock, which was appropriate for the “Construction” theme. A few of them almost blended in with actual construction workers around the Bund, who must have wondered why these hard-hatters were wearing green tights.

Jon Greenberg of Huwa, who is wrapping up his one-year stay in China next month to pursue a Ph.D. back in the States, won a very well deserved tourney MVP award. Dawn Yeo Poletti of Freakshow was named female MVP.

Check back with China Ultimate in the coming days for pictures and further coverage of the 11th annual Shanghai Open.