Congratulations to Shiock, double-winners of Singapore Single Gender Tourney

Word’s slowly trickling to the corners of Asia Ultimate that Shiock, a home-grown team that formed out of Freakshow a few years back, has beaten Freakshow in the finals of both the Open and Women’s division of the Singapore Single Gender Tourney. Two championships, one tournament, one team. Amazing.

Shiock has been on somewhat of a roll lately. At Manila Spirits in November, they suprised everyone with a run to the finals (they entered Day 2 as the 8-seed and proceeded to beat top-seeded Sizzle and fourth-seeded Boracay). In June at Shanghai Open, Shiock upset Big Brother on Day 1 and finished second in the pool. We expect great things from this team, which has proven practice and unity can pay huge dividends.

Announcing, announcing: Taiwan tournament (March 6-7), Singapore Single Gender Tourney (April 24-25)

From Singapore tourney director:

Hey Guys,

Sorry to keep you all waiting, but on behalf of Singapore Ultimate, here are the details of the inaugural Singapore Single Gender Tourney!

Date: 24th -25th April 2010.

Format: Men’s + Women’s Divisions

Team size: Maximum 13 players

Fields: Punggol East (near last year’s Singapore Open fields)

Registration Fees: SGD30 per person

Attached is the official press release regarding the event.

Any further questions, comments or for registration, please contact us via Looking forward to see you guys at the gender tourney!


for Singapore Ultimate.

The Taiwan tournament is on March 6-7 at the World Games fields at Kaohsiung.