Congratulations to Korea KUNT, winners of Shanghai Open 2010

Rumors had circulated for months that something was brewing on the Korean peninsula, but few could have expected KUNT (Korea Ultimate National Team) to arrive on the mainland and destroy all-comers like they did over the weekend. Employing a U.S.-style offense and an aggressive D, Korea beat Southwest China in Sunday quarters, 11-7, then Beijing Big Brother in semis, 13-4, and finally Philippines Sunken Pleasure, 15-9, to win the 8th annual Shanghai Open tournament.

Korea’s Gina, possibly the best female player at the tournament, was selected onto the Mythical Seven all-star team, while “yellow-cap guy,” i.e. Adam, won male MVP. Solid performances from Dave and Clay also paced the squad, which will be continue being a force to reckon with in Asia Ultimate.

Sunken Pleasure made finals by beating Shanghai Huwa 11-9 in a well-played semifinals.

Quarterfinal teams were Hong Kong Junk, Shiock (which took one-seed Huwa to Universe Point), Tianjin Speed (broke seed… big time) and Southwest China.

Congratulations also go out to tournament organizers Glenn, Alec, Nads, Robin and everyone else who helped out. Great job once again.


Congratulations to your Jeju champs: Korea

The Dirty Old KUNTs, to be exact, who beat Shanghai Huwa 13-8 in the finals.

Absolutely perfect conditions for this year’s Jeju International Gnarly Nines Tournament, an event that’s been saddled with the unfortunate reputation of being cursed by the wind gods. Every odd year, however, the elements seems to cooperate, and this, the fifth edition of this international tourney, may have seen the best weather ever.

Of course, the rain clouds made up for lost time by sending a monsoon our way Monday morning. Only the early-morning (7 a.m. early) flight made it out as scheduled; all others were postponed till the following day. We can only assume — like during metropolitan blackouts and winters in Russia — the stranded participants copulated like bonobos.

More pictures and videos to come…