Tianjin Open (April 16-17) registration details

From Edward Wang:

Hi, Captains,队长们,
The attached is the registration sheet for your team.Please send sheet back to us back before April 1附件中是这次天津比赛的报名表,请在2011年4月1号之前把表发回给我们.

The tournament fee:报名费
Foreign play:230 rmb 外籍队员:230元
Working Chinese:120 rmb 工作的中国人120元
Chinese students:60 rmb 中国学生 60元
These tournament fee will include fields,two lunches, one dinner(Saturday), fruit,water,bread.etc at fields for two days.beer for Sunday afternoon and Party,and transportation etc.报名费包括:场地费,比赛两天的午饭,周六的晚饭,两天的场地饮用水,面包,花生酱,水果等,周六派对和周日下午赛场的啤酒等。。。
Captains, please collect the tournament fee for you team and deliver it to Kevin Chen(陈月) ASAP you get it, if some of you players can not pay in advance you can pay him or me when you get here.We do not have registration party so it is easy for you guys pay in advance.队长们,请尽快确定好人数,然后把报名费收上来,交给陈月,越早越好。
His account of ABC:他的农行卡号:name:陈月: 6228480020689808119

、We found two hotels which are good:我们找到两个合适的宾馆,具体价格和房间数如下
Hotel 1(Bu Jin Yong Hotel布金永快捷酒店):第一个是布金永快捷酒店
119rmb/room for 3 person, they have 6 rooms 三人间,119元/间,共6间
99rmb/room, one double bed,they have 9 rooms双人间(双人床),99/间,共9间
80rmb/room, one single bed, they have 6 rooms单人间,80元/ 间,宫6间
80rmb/room,one double bed, they have 4 rooms(平房)双人间(双人床),共4 间
It is a small hotel but it is very close to Field 1& 2, which be used for Saturday and Sunday, it is 5mins walk from field to field 3&4 ,two stops by bus, 5 mins by taxi这个宾馆小但是离1,2号场地近,5分钟走路,去三四号场地公交车两站地,打车5分钟
Hotel 1 field 1&2 add:宾馆和二宫场地地址:津塘路二宫公交车站
Field 3&4 add:河东体育场地址:天津河东区津塘路52号,河东体育场

Hotel 2(2 star, Hai Zhu hotel,海珠宾馆): 第二个宾馆,海珠宾馆
178rmb/room, two single beds, they have 11 rooms,普通标准间,(两张单人床)178元/间,共有11间
196rmb/room,two single beds(a little better),they have 22 rooms高级标准间(两张单人床),196元/间,共22间
196rmb/room,one double bed, they have 3 rooms普通大床间 (双人床),196元/间,共3间
They have some expensive rooms, if you want them, we will book for you.
This hotel is about 10mins far if you walk to Field 1&2. To field 3&4 you will take bus for two stops,5mins for taxi这个宾馆到1,2号场地,步行差不多10分钟,去三四号场地公交车两站地,打车5分钟
Hotel 2 Add: 海珠宾馆地址:龙潭路15号海珠宾馆
If you are going to use the hotels please, you can contact Kevin Chen(陈月) ASAP


The attached is the map of this tournament and the link which you can find the fields,party,hotel easy: http://j.map.baidu.com/XeUj

For this tournament format, we will play 5male +2 female.More format details ,Jeff will send out soon,so we have to know how many teams are coming.
这次比赛我们打 5男2女的形式。更多关于比赛场次和规则的信息,Jeff会尽快告诉大家,但各位队长要尽快确定后好队伍。

Looking forward to seeing you guys.

Feel free to let us know if you have any question.有问题和我们联系
Edward王跃胜 15022414955
张雯: 13752672447
Kevin 陈月:13920550924



Congratulations to Big Brother, winners of Tianjin Open 2010

Tianjin Open 2010

Big Brother finally made it over the hump. After years of near-wins and bad losses — too many to list here — Beijing’s top club team overcame a slow start at the Tianjin tournament this past weekend and eked out two-point wins in both the semis and finals to earn the “Novo Nordisk” Cup.

Full disclosure: I played on Big Brother.

In the semifinals, Shanghai Huwa scored the first point on a trademark huck from Alec to Nads and added an early break to make it 3-1. Beijing scored four of the next five, including a quick Zone O score coming out of halftime to make it 7-4. Shanghai, as Shanghai does, earned two of those points back before a pivotal huck from Tao to Shan — a diving O-I flick with Alec in hot pursuit, set up by a forehand break from Kevin — would give Big Brother some breathing room. The teams traded points the rest of the way, from 8-7 to 11-9. On the final point, Kevin contested a Judd stall count, then dumped to Tao, who found Pat Li hanging out in the end zone on the force side.

The finals was a rematch of a Saturday group game in which Tianjin Speed shocked everyone with an 11-9 upset of Big Brother. From the onset, Speed, which beat Beijing Bang 11-3 in the semis, came with their attacking, blitzkrieg offense for a quick and easy score. The crowd went wild. Big Brother fought back and tied the game but soon found themselves huffing for air against the younger, more athletic Speed. The hosts soon made it 5-3 after a nasty collision that left one of Big Brother’s better defenders, Caleb Heine, bleeding from his right ear and incapacitated for the rest of the game (“I know now what the saying ‘getting the snot knocked out of you means,'” he would say afterwards).

Somehow, this would key Big Brother’s rally. The team scored three straight, anchored by a zone D. On one point, Alicia Lui, playing strong wing, stepped in front of a guy and caught a D before quickly throwing the score to Shan Wu. Tianjin surged back for two straight to take half 7-6.

Big Brother received to open the second half and scored to tie it at 7. Speed would go up 8-7, scoring after the game got testy near the end zone with two near-Ds that were nulled by contested calls. Then Tao kicked into gear, with a catch-score of a huck from Kevin to tie the game, then another catch off a transition D — again from a Kevin huck, this time backhand — to make it 9-8.

Soft cap would go on, making it a game to 11. Speed drove the length of the field with their patented offense before putting up a swilly, hospital pass on which one of their women called a foul. When the disc went back, the thrower called a timeout, a violation and, according to the rules, a turnover because cap had been called.

Off this opportunity, Kevin threw a backhand break to Tao, who broke the mark with a high-release that Sandy brought down to make it 10-8.

Speed quickly came back and broke Beijing’s zone, scoring on the weak side to make it 10-9. “They’re here to win it,” someone remarked. But so was Beijing. After a few turnovers from both sides — Big Brother’s Shan got a monster D of a hammer in the end zone, with a guy bearing down on her — Kevin forehand-hucked to Tao for the game-winning point.

The tournament awarded Sandy Wang the team MVP, though this could have gone to any of Big Brother’s females. Below, pictures of the other team MVPs, presented by tournament director Edward Wang:

It should also be noted that Big Brother, thanks in large to co-captain Gareth Marshall (who re-aggravated a hamstring injury on the first point on the first day and did not play the rest of the weekend), Baby Girl and Matt Mueller.

More pictures and a video to come.

Reminder that Tianjin Open is this weekend

The cheapest tournament anywhere (60 RMB) — two days of games (for the first time), disc, shirt, food, beer… what can you say but yes?

Here was the party last year.

And as you know, Tianjin and Beijing have had a history of cooperation. Here was the clinic Big Brother ran in Tianjin last autumn: Part 1, Part 2.

Videos from Tianjin Richie

Anyone who’s been around China Ultimate long enough has probably turned up in a Balance Wang video at one time or another, but recent conjugal obligations have kept Balance and his trusty camera away from the Ultimate scene. Could Tianjin’s Richie be a replacement?

Judging by these videos… maybe. He’s got a bit of catching up to do, but this is a good start.

Shanghai 2008, Shanghai vs. Freakshow

Tianjin news report about Ultimate

Here’s a video from the March Tianjin tournament. Richie’s Youku profile, with all his videos, is here.

More pictures from the Tianjin tournament

We’ll get videos up as soon as China unblocks YouTube. Here’s another write-up of the event over at the Beijing Ultimate blog.

Pictures from the Tianjin tournament and a two-minute summary

All-female 2v2 disc race at the after-party

We’re still in the process of collecting information for the official recap of this past Saturday’s Tianjin tournament, but here were the key happenings:

Shanghai Huwa — an abridged version led by Jon Greenberg — won the A pool, beating ISB, Tianjin Waiyuan, Beijing Bang and Tianjin Speed.

Beijing Big Brother won the B pool (though word was Beijing was the No. 1 overall seed), consisting of Changsha (长沙, a Tianjin/Qingdao mix), Teda (with some Dalian players and foreigners), Air Kazak and Tianjin Speed Up.

The pool winners met in the finals. Shanghai jumped out to a 2-1 lead before the teams engaged in a long fourth point that saw two goal line turnovers and an injury (Beijing’s Tao — okay, me — as he tried changing directions on an in-cut). Shanghai took half at eight and extended its lead to 9-6 before Big Brother clawed back with three unanswered points. An energized (or intoxicated) murmur wormed its way through the crowd — chilled by a brisk wind on a suddenly cloudy evening — but the suspense quickly ended when Shanghai scored the next two to win 11-9.

Beijing Bang won the Spirit Award and, like Shanghai, got a trophy out of which they drank beer. Shanghai’s players also each received a Frisbee and a municipal government official-signed/endorsed certificate in the form of a red card.

Pictures follow.

Mike Shyu’s Facebook albums (check out his videos, too):


Waiting for the Beijing Party Bus in front of Ginza Mall

Two: beautiful eye (picture tag)

The Shyu man himself, with Kevin Reitz

Three: Members of Big Brother, Bang and Shanghai





Eight: Hail the champs and the tourney organizer

Edward Wang, man of the hour

Nine: After-party

Yin Kong

The party was pretty spectacular. More on that in the next post.

One more picture — the man who made the party bus (and so much of Frisbee-related activities in Beijing) happen:

Jeff Orcutt, fresh from a pee

Announcing: Tianjin Ultimate Frisbee "event" on April 4

Jim Kirchhoff of Beijing: “Hey Ultimate community!! Edward from Tianjin has asked us to compile the numbers of people who will be attending the April 4th ultimate frisbee event they are hosting. There are a few simple questions, please take a moment to select the appropriate boxes below.”


Jon Greenberg is going — from Shanghai, no less. Where are you going from?