Congratulations to the organizers of Guangzhou Jumble

The one-of-a-kind Guangzhou “Jumble” tournament, a one-day affair yesterday, ended with the *combined* team called Guangzhou Victory taking home the championship. In the encroaching darkness, a Victory picture:

Don’t mind the dot; picture by Lizzie Fulton

More details later — once we find out exactly what a jumble tournament is.

Congrats to Lizzie Fulton and Kelsey Clark for running a successful tournament.

UPDATE: Much clearer pictures from Alicia of Beijing:

Congratulations to the finals MVPs, Wilkie Chu from Hong Kong and Eileen “Peach” Regan from Changsha.

UPDATE 2: Tournament director Lizzie weighs in, and offers more pictures:

It’s the 3rd year Guangzhou has done it (so the idea was formulated before my time…).The idea is that everyone is in a small team, about 5-6 people. For each game they’re combined with a different small team to face another combined team. So essentially you never play with the same group of people twice. We had 4 games like that until semi-finals. It’s crazy, jumbly, social, and a lot of fun.

Credit also goes to Guangzhou’s Kwong for figuring out the point system.


Congratulations to Black Flag, repeat champions of Manila Spirits

They conquered the field once again, leaving no doubt that only one towers over Asia Ultimate.

Black Flag’s toughest game was its first on Sunday morning, against a young and fearless Disc Knights in the quarterfinals, but the savvy veterans prevailed and proceeded to roll Ninja Cowboy Bear in the semis before disposing of the Boracay Dragons — a team that would have won just about any other tournament in Asia (with the possible exception of Shanghai Open this summer) — in a well-played finals.

Game scores, pictures, videos are all forthcoming. For now, keep on hitting refresh on the Manila Spirits website — one only assumes the galleries will be posted soon.

And yes, as the watermark says, visit Dane Kalbo’s website.

Congratulations to CUUP and Hong Kong, winners of the Open and Women’s Division of Manila Spirits 2010

Congratulations to China United Ultimate Party, winners of the Friday Open division at Manila Spirits. CUUP defeated Jason Lopez’s mostly Singaporean team in a very entertaining finals, 15-11.

Congratulations also go out to the women of China, who played under the banner of Hong Kong Junk and held off a feisty Singapore squad in the finals. Junk saw a big lead disappear before buckling down for the win.

In the semis, Junk was down 7-4 to the Pilipinas women before scoring five straight. At 9-8, Beijing’s Alicia got a layout D on the goal line to set up the winning goal.

Disclaimer: Scores need double-checking… edits will be appended as necessary.

Much, much more to come soon…

Congratulations to Big Brother, winners of Wuhan Open

Beijing Big Brother won the “Hubei 2010 Ultimate Frisbee Open,” as the organizers called it, held in Wuhan over the weekend. The finals was played in front of a crowd of at least 1,000 people inside the main outdoor stadium at the Wuhan Politics, Economics and Law University. Big Brother defeated a team of all-stars — South China All-Stars — consisting mostly of players from Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

Big Brother took half 7-1 behind the strength of well-placed hucks and crushing defense. South China played the second half completely even with Beijing, including getting a couple quick breaks. But in the end, Big Brother had too much experience and firepower, prevailing 15-9.

Congratulations go out to Bieke, who directed his first tournament (there have been lots of firsts in China Ultimate this year). We hope to see this tournament develop beyond this year, as it’s the only tourney currently held in Central China.

On Friday, Gareth, Ingrid and Tao (that’s me) from Beijing, along with Matt Sheehan from Xi’an, helped run a clinic that was attended by about 50 students at the Wuhan Geology College. This was an event sponsored in part by the nascent Ultimate Association of China.
For more — especially pictures — please see the Beijing Ultimate blog.

Picture by Zhang Qing


Congratulations to United Colorum, winners of Hong Kong Pan-Asian Tournament

Photo by Mel Lozano

United Colorum, led by Jason Lopez and Britt Mercadante, beat Beijing Big Brother 13-11 in the finals of the 11th annual Hong Kong Pan-Asian Ultimate Frisbee tournament yesterday. It was a great finals (so this participant was told) with seven first-half breaks between the two teams — and Colorum taking half 8-7 (on, naturally, a break).

Apparently a video is coming soon from tournament organizers, but until then, here’s your quick and dirty recap of the finals:

Big Brother’s O-line gave up an uncharacteristic break to start it off, with Rosie hand-blocking a huck to get a key turn. That would only start the flurry of break points, however. Just as Colorum seemed to be pulling away, Big Brother scored consecutive breaks to take a 5-4 lead.

Both offenses settled down a little in the second half, with J-Lo and Derrek effectively playing the huck game and Jim anchoring the Big Brother O-line. After Colorum went up two breaks, Beijing mixed up its lines to some success, but was only able to pull to 12-11. Jason Lopez threw a huck just under Tao’s hand to Derrek for the game-winning score.

A couple photo albums have surfaced, most notably Mel Lozano‘s, Andrea Shaw‘s and Ingrid Akerlind‘s.

This marks the second time in three years that Big Brother has lost in the finals of the Hong Kong tournament. They won all their games on Saturday, beating Colorum 7-5.

Southwest China won the Spirit award and Monster won the dance award. Hopefully a video of their Saturday night party will emerge.

Your Mythical Seven:

From left to right: Leslie Sim, United Colorum; Alicia Lui, Beijing Big Brother; ??? (Singapore team); Geoff Ng, Shanghai Huwa; Jim Kirchhoff, Big Brother; Chris Calvert, Hong Kong Junk; Katie Bradstock, Junk

Congratulations to Mixed Nuts, winners of Singapore Open

Singapore Open 2010 champs, Mixed Nuts

Once again, Singapore Open proved to be one of the most competitive Ultimate tournaments in Asia, as teams from near and far came to compete in the mud and sun.

Last year, arguably nine teams were in contention for the finals, but only eight got the chance to play in the championship bracket (China United Ultimate Party finished third out of five in its pool on Saturday, losing to semifinalists Sunken Pleasure and Disc Knights). This year, the elimination bracket expanded to 16 teams, giving non-power-pool squads like Freakshow Prime a chance to play themselves up, but in the end it was the top four seeds — Mo’chi, Mixed Nuts, Freakshow and Shiock — that separated itself from the pack.

The best game of the tournament happened in the semifinals between last year’s finalists, Mo’chi — Uli and Will Chen’s team — and Mixed Nuts, a Jason Lopez/Derek Ramsey squad of mostly Team Pilipinas players, with some from Singapore and Taiwan.

Mo’chi took half, but with breaks at a premium, everyone sensed the game would come down to universe point. It was at 11-11, game to 12, that Uli put a sweet forehand into the end zone that just glanced off the hand of his player. Mixed Nuts quickly countered, with Ramsey throwing a backhand huck that a former Furious George player pulled down over Guangzhou’s Kwong. The play was somewhat reminiscent of universe point in 2009 (video by Perkin Chai), when Mo’chi’s Yoshio chased down a huck to put the exclamation mark on an improbable comeback (Team Pilipinas had been up 10-7 in a game to 11).

Mixed Nuts scored on its first throw after a timeout to win 12-11. Video highlights — along with the Philippines’ Will Steedman’s words — are here.

Freakshow defeated Shiock 12-9 in the other semifinals to set up its game vs. Mixed Nuts. MN weathered a valiant Freakshow comeback to prevail 17-14. (Video here via Fox Sports.)

All results can be found on Singapore Open’s official website:

  • Pool A Champions  : Mixed Nuts (PHI)
  • Pool A Runners-Up : Freakshow (SGP)
  • Pool B Champions  : Lagi Shiok (SGP)
  • Pool B Runners-Up : Young Knights (SGP)
  • Pool C Champions  : Team SMU (SGP)
  • Pool C Runners-Up : Carebears (MY)
  • Most Spirited Team : Masala Chai (IND)
  • MVP (Male) : Tim Martin (Mixed Nuts)
  • MVP (Female) : Joanne Soh (Freakshow)
  • Mythical 7
    • Ms Lesley Sim (Freakshow)
    • Ms Karen Golez (Mixed Nuts)
    • Ms Pia Ybanez (Mixed Nuts)
    • Mr Zach Ellard (Freakshow)
    • Mr Will Steedman (Mixed Nuts)
    • Mr Derek Ramsey (Mixed Nuts)
    • Mr Titi Teo (Freakshow)

p.s. Although this wasn’t official, Beijing Big Brother probably won the party (though Hong Kong and Vietnam were pretty good). When you dress like this…

…and do this in the subway station…

…and make this impression at the party…

…and have this guy on your team (who won an individual party award)…

…how can you not award the effort with medals?

Congratulations to Beijing Big Brother, double winners of Dalian Open

Big Brother, winners of Dalian Open 2010

Big Brother sent split squads to the Dalian over the weekend for the second annual Dalian Open, with Beijing “Ugly” beating “Sexy” twice — including 13-9 in the finals — to claim the trophy. Representatives from Shanghai were gracious enough to make the trip, as Huwa’s presence always adds legitimacy to Chinese-run tournaments and will help Dalian’s organizers as they try to expand their tourney into an international one in years to come.

The Ultimate Association of China (UAC) sponsored a clinic led by Beijing’s Gareth Marshall, Sandy Wang, Mike Shyu and Joe Pellicano. The following group shot was taken after the clinic:

The party was held at the same venue as last year and just as raucous. (If you need a reminder, these three things happened last year.) Pictures from Saturday night will emerge eventually.

Notable Sunday game results:

Ugly vs. Shanghai, W 11-3
Sexy vs. Dalian X, W 13-1

Sexy vs. Shanghai, W 13-4
Ugly vs. Dalian A, W 13-3(?)

FINALS: Ugly def. Sexy 13-9

More pictures (Facebook album coming later [update, 9/27: here]):

Shanghai's Alec Hutson

Tommy Lee, who played for Huwa most of the weekend but played with Beijing Sexy in the finals, won male MVP, and Big Brother’s Alicia Lui won female MVP (her second female MVP win this season; the first was in Shenzhen).

Dalian as a city is, as always, a great place to take a break from industrial-commercial city life. Big Brother made it for the beach tournament earlier this year and will continue supporting its cousin city to the north and hope other China Ultimate communities will as well in the future.

UPDATE, 9/25: Bonus pictures from Beijing’s Liz Lin:

Big Brother Sexy

Big Brother Ugly