Announcing: Dalian Open and Manila Spirits dates

As the events calendar will reflect, dates have been set for this year’s Dalian Open (grass tournament) and Manila Spirits.

Dalian: September 11-12, the weekend before Singapore Open.
Manila Spirits: Nov. 26-28, with Nov. 26 being a one-day single-gender tournament.

More details as they become available.

New blog from Shanghai

Robin Yao Xi of SUPA has created a sweet Ultimate Frisbee blog over at Sohu. Check it out.

Blogroll updated.

Lookfly, a new Ultimate apparel company

Lookfly is a UK company. China Ultimate, of course, is mostly sponsored by Five Ultimate, but in recent years companies from around Asia have began penetrating the China market. As more and more players take up the sport in this country, a slow proliferation of companies manufacturing Ultimate-exclusive gear has to be a healthy sign.

Tianjin Open schedule

This weekend’s tournament:

Pool A Pool B
PA1 Hufrog PB1 Big Bro
PA2 Bang PB2 Tianjin Speed1
PA3 Hangtime PB3 Maple Leaf School
PA4 Tianjin Speed 2 PB4 Bang 2
PA5 Tianjin Normal Uni PB5 Teda

Field 1 Field 2 Field 3 Field 4 Bye
10:00-11:00 PA1 vs. PA3 PB1 vs. PB3 PA2 vs. PA4 PB2 vs. PB4 PA5, PB5
11:30-12:30 PA2 vs. PA5 PB2 vs. PB5 PA3 vs. PA4 PB3 vs. PB4 PA1, PB1
13:00-14:00 PA1 vs. PA2 PB1 vs. PB2 PA4 vs. PA5 PB4 vs. PB5 PA3, PB3
14:30-15:30 PA1 vs.PA 5 PB2 vs. PB3 PA2 vs. PA3 PB1 vs. PB5 PA4, PB4
16:00-16:30 PA1 vs. PA4 PB1 vs. PB4 PA2, PB2
16:30-17;30 PA3 vs. PA5 PB3 vs. PB5
19:00 Dinner&Party

Pool winners get byes into semis on Sunday. Two-seeds get byes into quarters. The three and four seeds play crossover, with winner going into quarters and losers going into Beginners’ Bracket on Sunday.

Minutes of the China Ultimate conference call, by Ken Su

Dear all,

Hope you are all doing well.

Thanks for those who attended the call as it was very good progress.


Apologies for the delays in the minutes (work has been hectic) and thanks to Kelly for her hard work as she helped by writing the Chinese.
不好意思这么晚才整理好这个会议记录(工作实在太忙了), 包括Kelly辛苦了-中文是写的-谢谢。

Below are the minutes of our meeting including notations on next steps or solicitations for feedback.

Please read and if any action item pertains to you, please do take appropriate action.

As well, please do let me know if you have any questions or comments on the call or minutes (I would suggest limiting use of the ‘reply to all’



China Ultimate/中国极限飞盘
– Strategic Direction Discussion Meeting/发展策略讨论会
– 17 January 2010/ 2010年1月17日
(Conducted via Teleconference)/电话会议
– Call commenced at 18:00 and concluded at 19:30

Attendees (in order of participation – * denotes present for duration of call):
参会者名单 – *表示全程参与者:

Ken Su*
Kelly Yang*
Steven Zhang*
Mike Shyu*
Jeff Orcutt*
Forrest Li*
Andrew Shen*
Mike Narodovich*
Chen Yan (Yikun Sports)*
Anthony Tao*
Michael Hsu
Lao Zhao
Aurora Yao
Rob Adams

(Part 1) The planned agenda was to discuss the following items in the following order:
– Plans for China Open 2010
– Organization of China Ultimate going forward
– Support for teams representing China/HK in Prague

Motion made to begin with agenda item 3 to allow more time for certain individuals who were delayed dialing in due to an emergency situation on the basis these individuals would appreciate more input on items 1 and 2.

(Part 2) Discussion on support for teams representing China/HK in Prague began with an overview by M. Narodovich on status of bids for Open and Women’s teams for Prague and the types of support required.

The key areas of support noted were (a) the need for practices where players based in cities spread across the region could gain experience with each other and (b) financial support for travel expenses.

It was suggested that holding such sessions around key tournaments where such players would tend to gather would be appropriate. Support would be requested by tourney organizers to provide facilities for practices before tourneys (ie. Friday before) for team use and also arrangement of scrimmages between the Open/Women’s team with ‘all-star teams’ made up of other tourney participants.
– It was proposed and agreed that M. Narodovich would make contact with tourney directors to arrange such practices and scrimmages with updates to follow from M. Narodovich.

In relation to financial support, the discussion centered around obtaining sponsorship money and representatives from Shanghai, Beijing, and HK to share experiences with obtaining sponsorship and provide sponsorship source suggestions. Shanghai’s sponsorship support is largely in the form of support from their field provider and perhaps other organizations which provide promotional gifts with no cash funding historically. Beijing’s sponsorship support comes in large part from varying types of support from 5 Ultimate with sporadic support from other organizations which provide promotional gifts with no cash funding historically. Hong Kong appears to have the most formal/systematic approach to sponsorship with a committee and some recurring corporate sponsorship although these also tend to be in the form of in kind donations or discount offers with little in the way of cash although it was noted that in certain cases cash funding has been obtained from corporate sponsors through local ultimate community relationships.
关于资金支持,大家都觉得应该更积极拉赞助。来自上海,北京和香港的代表分享了他们拉赞助的经验并给了一些选择赞助商的建议。上海获得的赞助主要来自场地供应商和其他提供奖品支持的机构,没有获得太多现金资助。北京主要是有5 Ultimate和其他零星出现的小组织给与实物或奖品赞助,现金也很少有。相比之下,香港有比较正式和系统的与赞助商沟通的经验。比如说,他们曾获得过捐助,打折以及少量的现金赞助。而且,愿意出现金的公司也一般都是通过玩儿飞盘的队友的人脉关系找到的。

Yikun Sports representative noted that there was some budget for sponsorship subject to written request and discussion.
– It was proposed and agreed that J. Orcutt would follow up with Yikun Sports and report back on progress.
-Jeff Orcutt会针对这个问题与翼鲲体育联系,期待他能有所进展。

It was generally agreed that sponsorship is challenging and historically there has been limited sponsorship across China/HK. It was raised that a key part of getting more sponsorship is having a coordinated effort and the ability to demonstrate critical mass for ultimate in China would hopefully lead to more interest from sponsors. In addition it was noted that Beijing has an initiative to seek sponsorship outside of China (specifically the USA) and that any progress would be reported on.
– While discussion included mention of gathering demographic data for sponsors, it was not agreed who would take this on. This item remains open for volunteers who are interested in helping drive sponsorship.

(Part 3) Discussion on how to organize China Ultimate going forward began with open questions including:
– What should the organization goals be?
– What are some key features?
– What are benefits of meeting recognized international standards?
第三部分-讨论如何更好的发展中国极限飞盘? 我们针对以下问题进行了具体讨论:

It was raised that the organization must effectively communicate on a regular basis. The call itself was raised as one good example in the right direction and discussion on how to best communicate on China Ultimate issues going forward led to suggestions on (a) call/meeting frequency – ideas included twice monthly, monthly, quarterly, and annually, (b) the need to ensure appropriate representation (points raised included – not having too many people each meeting (ie. 2 reps per city or proportional representation for cities) but also broad enough to involve the appropriate interested people from key ultimate cities, and (c) methods for communication – options cited were conference calls, email, face-to-face meetings, QQ/Gmail chat, and even a special purpose system/forum). The language of communication was also raised and it was proposed and agreed that communication should be bilingual in English/Chinese to the extent possible/practical. It was also noted that there should be a mechanism to report out to the broader population on meeting results and progress.

It was also raised that a clear mission and set of values needs to be established although it was recognized that this will be an evolutionary process and setting values in stone at the outset is perhaps impractical/undesireable.

There was fullsome discussion on possible organization structures, including exploration of the benefits of looking towards WFDF standard/practices and a high level overview on associations vs. federations. It was noted that when China Ultimate does develop to the point of having an internationally recognized body, it will help bring China to the world stage.

It was raised that a key piece of any organization should be the organization should seek to promote growth of ultimate in various ways – spread across more cities, penetrate universities and middle schools, and reach out to more people in general.

The notion of formal Chinese government recognition was raised in that it would add credibility and lead to significant support for the development of ultimate. While it was generally agreed that a government recognized entity would be beneficial it was noted that it would be a long process to get to that level and that government contacts would need to be obtained/developed. Expectations should be realistic and enthusiasm tempered given that even well developed ultimate communities and organizations in the USA, Australia, and Canada have a limited market for ultimate related sponsorship (although it was noted there was some level of government support in Singapore, Taiwan, and the Philippines which may be due to the concentration of the populations and the nature of the countries themselves).

– K. Su/M. Narodovich to put forward suggestions for next steps in this area and revert back to the group for further discussion on moving forward on a China Ultimate organization

(Part 4) Plans for the China Open 2010 to be held in Beijing were overviewed by J. Orcutt. Most arrangements are in place and the biggest item is firming up the tentative date of May 16th/17th and it was requested that all participants reach out to their contacts to test this date and report back if any concerns/suggestions. Some concerns were raised in the call for the dates to be shifted to allow for more time between China Open and Shanghai’s tournament and it was agreed that further feedback would be sought from across the country to combine with this suggestion for decision making on the date with the goal to fix the date within 2 weeks.
– All participants should be asking their contacts about the dates proposed and reverting to J. Orcutt as soon as possible.
第四部分-J. Orcutt已经确认2010年的中国公开赛将会在北京举行。北京这边正在积极准备比赛,现在最重要的就是要赶紧确定下来比赛日期,暂定今年比赛将于5月16/17号举行,希望大家帮忙多问问,看这个日期对大多数人是否合适。如有问题,请尽快回复我们。会上也有人提出说应该把这个日期在提前一个星期,这样中国公开赛和6月初的上海比赛就能空的长一点儿,看大家对此有什么意见。我们希望能在两周内确定最后日期。
-所有参加电话会议的人都应该尽量多问问朋友和各地的飞盘人,并将得到的信息返回到J. Orcutt那里。

Another work in progress noted was the sponsorship plans ongoing (see previous discussion) and that it is a goal of the organizers to support teams traveling longer distances with specifics still being worked out.

It was also raised that Shenzhen representatives are keen to learn from Beijing’s tournament organizing experiences and some feedback was also provided on the China Open parties suggesting that improvements were possible and citing HK’s party as an example.
– It was agreed that any requests for information, feedback, or improvements suggested should be directed to the China Open 2010 organizing group to allow them to address concerns as appropriate

(Part 5) All participants appreciated the time given by each other for this valuable time and it was recognized that this was a useful process. The subject of the next call/meeting was raised and it was agreed that once the participants have had a chance to review the minutes of the meeting and some of the follow up items have been progressed, another call/meeting would be arranged.

Vietnam hat tourney in four days!

Sources also say there’s a chance the Cambodia Hat Tourney will be moved so as to not conflict with the second annual Kunming Hat Tourney. Updates as they become available…

Happy holidays to everyone.

Andrew Kleimeyer, 1981-2009

Manila Spirits ’07-winning team, Zhonghui; Andrew is standing far right (album from Mel Lozano)

Those who knew Andrew will remember him for his unerring wit, ceaseless humor, and striking intelligence. He left Hong Kong in April of last year after getting diagnosed with esophageal cancer; before that he lived in Shanghai, where he played Ultimate and left footprints at almost every major Asia tournament, from Jeju to Tokyo Dream Cup to a certain fateful Vietnam hat tourney in 2006.

He and Kristin Tomasek were to be wed next week.

*Website and twitter