The Beijing Ultimate 2010 Year-in-Review Slideshow

For those on the wrong side of China’s Great Firewall, you can find all the videos on Youku:

Otherwise, fire up the VPN and watch the videos here:

For more, see the Beijing Ultimate blog.

Hong Kong Hat Tourney results


1st place: Team Black “Captain Katie Bradstock”

2nd place: Team White “Captain Michael Hsu”

Spirit: Team Blue “Captain Tommy Fung”

MVPs: Paul Bartels, Stu Meldrum, Balance Wang, Jake Anderson, Apple Tong, Katie Bradstock, Verena Henn

Youtube videos of the finals here. Final point:

Also on Youku (along with several other clips).

Special post-Ningbo tourney video

The winning team gets down after the Ningbo tourney.

If you want to see more of Jim’s dancing, click here (VPN needed).

Beijing Ultimate 2009 Year-in-Review Slideshow

From the Beijing Ultimate blog.

Videos also on Youku:

Coverage of ACBU and Manila Spirits

From There’re great scenes of the Saturday night party; scenes from the finals at 41:23 mark.

Leftover videos from AOUCC / Manila Spirits

The incredible Link vs. Boracay finals in the Open division on Friday:

Parts 2, 3, 4 and 5. The crowd’s fully into it at the end. Also see: how Boracay got to finals.

Women’s finals, D-CUUP vs. Team Pilipinas Bebots:

Part 2

Mixed finals, Black Flag vs. Shiock:

Other videos: Team Philippines vs. Sizzle, Saturday; Mulatto Davao vs. Hong Kong Junk, Saturday.

The controversial finish to the No. 4 vs. No. 5 game on Sunday

Before we begin posting pictures from Facebook albums (and there are lots), we’d like to share this video of the final point in the Boracay-Ninja Cowboy Bear quarterfinals on Sunday morning. We’ll leave our comments to ourselves, but see for yourself what the controversy was all about.