Announcing: Jeju Dirty Dozens registration deadline: March 14

From Beth Houtrow:

Greetings from the Jeju Dirty Dozens 2011 Team:

We apologize for the delay for this email. It was sent out last week, but we had a technical glitch. Here’s everything you need to know and more:

We are excited to announce that registration is officially open. Please visit our website at for more information. Registration will close on March 14th, so don’t miss the deadline.

We are very excited this year about the promise of even more international teams. The competition is going to be fierce. However, with limited field space, it is possible that we will not be able to accommodate all Korean teams who apply for the tournament. Therefore, Korean teams who wish to play should apply for a bid, and bids will be awarded shortly after registration closes. Decisions regarding bids will be based on geography (we want to encourage teams from all over Korea to come to Jeju) and competitiveness. If you are concerned as to whether you should purchase a flight to Jeju, we recommend booking a flight as soon as possible. Korean based airlines generally allow you to cancel flights without penalty.

Also, people are welcome to attend the tournament as guests. The guest fee will be 60,000 won and will allow you access to all of the food, beer, and parties, plus a frisbee. It will not, however, include hotel cost. We are also looking for volunteers. Volunteering will require about seven or eight hours of your time over the weekend, and will earn you a disc, free entrance to the parties, access to food and drinks, and a shared hotel room with two other volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering please contact us at

The tournament fee is 720,000 won per team. As always, this fee includes hotel rooms. We have done our very best to reserve rooms with beds for everyone, so no yos on the floor this year, unless you prefer it. Each team will be given four rooms to divide among themselves as they see fit.

Korean captains should wire 720,000 to the KUPA bank account after bids have been awarded. The account information is available at Foreign teams may wire money or bring 720,000 Korean won to the tournament. We will be requiring teams to pay in one lump sum, and we will only accept Korean won.

Also, this year there is a disc design contest. If the winner is a tournament participant, he/she will be awarded free entry to the tournament. If a non-player wins, he/she will receive 50,000 won and a free copy of the disc. To submit an entry(s), please send an email to by March 7th.

We can’t wait to see all of you in Jeju. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email us at

Warmest regards,
The Dirty Dozens 2011 Team


Announcing: Jeju Dirty Dozens, April 23-24

From Beth Houtrow:

Get ready ladies and gentlemen for a new and improved Jeju tournament April 23rd and 24th. Jeju Gnarly Nines is now Jeju Dirty Dozens. With 12 people on your team you can run faster, bid harder, and drink more beer on Saturday night!

As always, the tournament is 5-2 co-ed format. And as in the past we will be providing an amazing deal. For a mere 720,000 won per team (that’s 60,000 per player) we will provide you with two nig…hts free hotel, a Friday night welcome party, food and beer throughout the weekend, and a blow out party Saturday night. Most importantly, you will also have the opportunity to play on the best grass in Asia.

We are predicting a highly competitive field this year, so start assembling your team now, so you get in on the competition. Registration is not open yet, but we wanted to tell everyone about the new format and the dates for the tournament. We will send out updates very soon.

If you have any questions please contact us at

To Summarize

What: Jeju Dirty Dozens (5-2 format)
When: April 23 and 24
Where: Jeju, South Korea
Who: You and 11 of your friends.
Why: World Cup practice fields, free hotel, lots of beer, and great frisbee
How Much: 720,000 won per team (Payment is per team regardless of the number of players.)

Announcing: Boracay Open, April 1-3

The best beach tournament in Asia returns. The Philippine Ultimate Association and Boracay Ultimate Association (no website? But the Boracay BEACH Ultimate Association is here) jointly announced the date of their two-part tournament. The open tourney is a one-day affair on April 1, and the mixed tourney is April 2-3. More details forthcoming, we suspect.

Check out The Huddle’s interview with Karen Cabrera from an undisclosed date.

Announcing: India Hat Tournament, Feb. 4-6

From Mark Scott:

Just wanted to get the word out on the first India Hat held in the cozy community of Auroville.  India can be similar to going to another world in some respects, so just to come for an ultimate tournament may be a bit too short of a trip but if you spread the word maybe some ultimate players will be around to join in the fun with the growing community here.

The tournament will be held Feb 4th-6th.  Players from all over India and worldwide are invited to join in the first annual AV Ultimate hat tournament. Individual players will be mixed to form balanced teams with all who wish to participate.
The fields are hard ground with cleats being the most suitable option but running shoes can work.
Date & Time:
It is recommended to arrive before Friday the 4th at noon, as the first round of games will begin that afternoon at 2pm. Games will continue throughout the weekend finishing Sunday at sundown (around 6:30pm).
The closest airport to fly in to is Chennai.
Tiger Airways, Malaysia Airlines, or Indian Air with the lowest international fairs.
Air Asia also flies to Tiruchirappalli. or can be used to find the best flight within India.
From Chennai, it is a 150km cab or bus ride down ride down, which we can help arrange transportation.  Also cabs can be reserved on your own at
To accommodate all who are interested, please submit the registration form (on the left side of this page) on or before January 16th.
This will be a much calmer atmosphere than Bangkok and Vietnam and even the rest of India, so we hope that you’ll have some time to let it sink in.
Hope your new year is off to a great start.
om shanti shanti om,
Mark & the AV Ultimate team

Announcing: The official bidding process for China Nationals

The Ultimate Association of China (UAC) is pleased to announce the start of the first-ever bidding process to host this year’s China Nationals.

If you are interested, please send an application in English or Chinese to and by January 31. All proposals will be graded by the UAC Board on a 100-point scale, and the winning bid will be announced in mid- to late-February.
Here are some things to think about:

1) Is your city is capable of hosting a national tournament in May?

a) Please demonstrate your city has the necessary field space, and GOOD fields. THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT. Organizers should probably have a field scoped out; we expect at least 20 teams, so a MINIMUM of four soccer fields (eight Ultimate fields) is required.

b) Accommodations, transportation, medical support, food and beverages, etc.

c) Options for Saturday party
2) What is your budget/expectation of cost, including prices for team/individual participation?

3) Have you considered…

a) Tournament format (foreign division included?)

b) Promotional material, including website and media coverage

c) Related issues (surprise us!)
4) Importantly, what is your motivation for wanting to host Nationals? Please let us know how the event will help develop Ultimate in your area and China as a whole.

5) And finally,
we will need a list of the people who will be involved in running your tournament.
The winning bid will be disseminated to captains for future reference.

Successful applications will be the collaborative effort of leaders from both within and outside your community. Remember, we all want the best tournament for China Ultimate: let that be your guiding principle.

Happy holidays from UAC. Go China Ultimate!


Ultimate Association of China
Jeff Orcutt, President;
Ivan Xu, Vice President;
Board and Officers

Announcing: Shenzhen Hat Tourney, March 19-20

From tournament director Andrea Shaw:

Dear frisbee kids,/亲爱的飞盘朋友,

The schedule for Ultimate tournaments in China was recently sorted and Shenzhen’s 3rd annual hat tournament will be held on Mar. 19-20 this year. This is your save-the-date e-mail; we’ll send more details out after the Spring Festival.
Please forward to your respective listservs, friends, cousins and random people met at bars. We’ve received some rave reviews from the past two years so we’re hoping to exceed expectations this year!
Hope you all had fabulous Western holidays and wishing you happiness and safe travels during the Chinese New Year!
Shenzhen Hat Planning Committee

Reminder that Tianjin Open is this weekend

The cheapest tournament anywhere (60 RMB) — two days of games (for the first time), disc, shirt, food, beer… what can you say but yes?

Here was the party last year.

And as you know, Tianjin and Beijing have had a history of cooperation. Here was the clinic Big Brother ran in Tianjin last autumn: Part 1, Part 2.