Congratulations to Big Brother, winner of Tianjin Open

For more pictures, etc., see the Beijing Ultimate blog.

Beijing Big Brother sent split squads to Tianjin Open over the weekend, with both teams winning every pool-play game and facing one another in the Saturday crossover. Big Brother Ugly went up a break on Sexy in an upwind-downwind game, only to see Sexy come back to take half 6-5. Ugly, however, scored upwind to tie, then downwind — after a Micah layout D — to win 7-6.

On Sunday in the semis, Sexy defeated Tianjin Speed (which had lost to Ugly 11-4) while Sexy defeated Beijing Bang 13-1. The finals, however, were postponed due to a wind storm, with an exhibition game to 5 after the wind subsided slightly.

Beijing Big Brother also won the party, themed “Rainbow.” Matt Mueller was the MVP, with Kevin Reitz coming a close second.


Video from Hong Kong tournament

From the “Enter the Dragon” 11th annual Pan-Asia Ultimate Frisbee tournament in Hong Kong, courtesy of Asia Ultimate TV:


The Philippines’ Sunken Pleasure beat Beijing Big Brother 15-12 in the finals. Neither team had more than a two-point lead until the very end. Congratulations to Sunken Pleasure, who became the first non-Manila team from the Philippines to win an international sports tournament.

Pictures from Timothy ORourke’s Flickr are here.